Key group officers

The descriptions listed below provide an overview of some of the roles on a group committee. In order to support aims and objectives, these vary from group to group.

These role descriptions should be read in conjunction with the Volunteer Principles and Chair Principles.

The Group Chair has overall responsibility for co-ordinating the activities of the group, ensuring that IOSH’s aims, objectives and strategy are met. They will:

  • Lead the committee.
  • Chair committee meetings.
  • Have a casting vote in the event of a tied committee vote.

The Group Vice-Chair assists the Chair in co-ordinating the activities of the group. They will:

  • Often, although not always, are voted as Chair for the next term.
  • May be called on to stand in for the Chair at meetings or events.

A Group Communications Coordinator is the main link between the group and the Communications team at head office. They will:

  • Coordinate, brand and check all content for the group pages on the IOSH website.
  • Suggest campaign-themed group events and liaises with the Communications team to request content and collateral.
  • Along with the Chair, work with Media  on media planning, assessing which outlets to target and how to target them.

[v1 - February 2016]