Volunteer principles

IOSH has an extremely dedicated team of volunteers who run the various Networks on their behalf. Volunteer Principles aim to guide both volunteers and staff and to ensure both are aware of what is expected of them.

Volunteering on committees can assist with a member’s continuing professional development through activities such as policy consultations, representative opportunities and promoting safety and health.

These Volunteer Principles are not legally binding, but do provide a framework to assist volunteers in their role on committees whilst also helping to protect IOSH’s reputation and brand, and you. They are that:

  • potential volunteers will be provided with sufficient information to allow them to assess their suitability for the various committee roles.
  • a proper selection process will be followed to recruit committee members including for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair.
  • a named Relationship Manager will regularly liaise with and provide support to the committee.
  • staff will assist the committee in providing new volunteering members with proper induction to the IOSH processes and procedures relevant to volunteers.
  • all volunteers and staff will adhere to IOSH policies relating to their roles. Volunteers will also be bound by the Code of Conduct.
  • the running of the Networks should follow the IOSH guidance put in place for both branches and groups.
  • all roles should be undertaken to the best of the volunteer’s ability and in an honest, open, respectful and legal way.
  • volunteers, with the assistance of staff, should aim for their activities to be of benefit to their members and to fit with the IOSH Strategy.
  • all volunteers and staff should afford each other the same level of respect, service and care as they would expect to receive.
  • staff and volunteers should meet commitments and standards, providing reasonable notice where either is unable to do so.
  • resolution of problems, difficulties or grievances should, in the first instance, be reported to and dealt with fairly by the Chair. If the Chair cannot resolve the issue or is personally involved in the matter it should be referred to the relevant Manager within IOSH. 

The Code of Conduct covers all matters relating to IOSH membership.

[v2 - September 2017]