Committee terms of office

The length of time that a volunteer may serve on a committee is of a fixed length. This varies by committee role.

Tenure and election of branch, district and section committees
The principal committee members of a branch or district (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) hold office for one year, and are then eligible for re-election. Other committee members hold office for two years; half of those will retire annually and then be eligible for re-election.

Committee members, other than the Secretary or Treasurer, are not eligible to stay in the same position for more than four consecutive years.

Elections for branch committee roles take place at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Tenure and election of group committees
Group committee members hold office for three years, after which they resign or seek re-election for a further three year term. Group committee members hold office for no more than six years in total and should then stand down for one year before seeking re-election. Group committees elect their Chair from among their committee members. Chairs hold office for no more than three years.

A transparent recruitment process is undertaken for groups with vacancies being widely promoted to all group members. A set of competences need to be met and an application form completed to apply for committee positons. The Relationship Managers will be able to provide more information about the process and organise it on behalf of the group.

[v2 - September 2017]