Chartered status of officers

As a Chartered organisation, all Chairs and Vice-Chairs of committees are expected to be Chartered Members. However, for various reasons, this is not always possible.

To overcome this situation and to encourage active members to take on the roles of Chair and Vice-Chair, if it’s necessary to appoint a Chair or Vice-Chair who is not a Chartered Member, they should first meet the criteria for being a Chair or Vice-Chair, be actively undertaking their Initial Professional Development (IPD), and seek agreement for their application from their committee.

An application for non-Chartered Chair or Vice-Chair should be completed and forwarded through the relevant Relationship Manager.

Approval for the appointment should then be sought from the Networks Committee. Once appointed, it’s expected that the member continues to work towards becoming Chartered, as follows:

  • Non-Chartered applicants for Chair and Vice-Chair roles should state an expected timeframe for becoming Chartered. This will be supported and monitored every three months by the Networks team and reported back to the Networks Committee after 12 months, or before if achieved
  • If not completed by 12 months, applicants will be asked to submit a statement of progress and expected completion time. Becoming Chartered takes a maximum of two years
  • Non-Chartered members standing to be a district Chair or Vice-Chair should seek approval of their application from their parent branch. The branch is requested to provide support to a non-Chartered district Chair or Vice-Chair until they’ve achieved Chartered status.

[v3 - January 2018]