Official Twitter accounts for your Network

Why Twitter? Twitter

At IOSH we use Twitter to help us communicate insightful knowledge to a network of members and non-members in the OSH profession.

It is a platform that can be used to share news and events, based on what is happening in the profession and in our networks.

As a communications tool it provides instant updates to your followers. This is just one of many communications tools.

Five reasons Networks should be using Twitter: 

  1. Communicate events in your area
  2. Send real-time updates – including any last-minute changes to events
  3. Usable on any mobile device (just download the app)
  4. Share content and updates from your microsite
  5. Share content from industry professionals you feel is relevant to your Network

Five reasons Network members should use Twitter: 

  1. Tweet to ask questions about events and at events
  2. Subscribe to your Network feed and get notifications for updates sent to your phone
  3. Stay up-to-date with people and organisations relevant to your profession
  4. Use Twitter to network with your peers
  5. Engage with your business customers

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, we have created two guides: Setting up a Twitter account and Managing your IOSH official Twitter account. There's also an Official Twitter Policy.

Roles and responsibilities

As Twitter is a communications tool, we recommend this sits under the Communications Co-ordinator remit – see the full job description

If another  member is better suited to running the Twitter account then we would recommend the Communications Co-ordinator oversee activity to ensure the account is being used in the correct way, that the content is enhancing the profession and not about one particular member. 

For any guidance on sense-checking content please see the Guildelines for IOSH official Twitter feeds (see top right) or speak with your Relationship Manager. 

If you have any questions please contact your Relationship Manager or email

Guidelines for IOSH official Twitter feeds
Managing your IOSH official twitter account
Setting up your Twitter account