Arranging an event

The IOSH Events team is made up of experienced staff, who will work with the branch, district or group event lead, from start to finish, on the organisation and planning of your event.

To ensure the success of your event, start planning early and involve the Events team from the start of the project. For full support, please notify the Events team no later than 16 weeks before the date of your planned event with larger events needing a much longer planning period.

16 weeks | 12 weeks | 8 weeks | 4 weeks | event day

At 16 weeks

Idea: We advise you to discuss the pros and cons of your idea with your Relationship Manager and complete the Network event notification form (Word document 760KB) no later than 16 weeks before the date of your proposed event and send to your IOSH Events lead or Relationship Manager. Once the event has been approved by the Events Manager, a member of the Events team will be assigned to work with you and lead on the organisation of the event.

Networks events notification form: This form keeps the Networks and Events teams informed about the timing of the proposed event. It’s important because it enables them to schedule events and make sure the team at IOSH can fully support each one. During the initial discussions, we may ask you to consider moving the date of the event or revise the proposed format if it clashes with other networking events or an IOSH corporate event.

Budget: The Events team will work with you to produce the budget for the event, detailing all the expected expenditure and proposed income for approval by the Committee and Events Manager. Any chargeable event must be administered by the IOSH Events Bookings team, with only IOSH head office being able to accept and handle any monies. All events should aim to break even, although funding can be requested or secured in certain situations.

Speakers: You can discuss potential speakers with the Events team and your Relationship Manager, who may be able to offer suggestions based on their past experience.

Venue: The Events team has experience and knowledge in this area and can help you find an affordable venue that will work for your event and ensure the best deal and conditions are secured. If there are any venues that you’d like us to look at, just let us know. The Events team will research, book and sign all contracts with the chosen venue. Please note that a venue shouldn’t be confirmed until the event notification form has been signed off.

At 12 weeks

Promotion: We ask you to provide the Events team with written information about the event – aims, topic, target audience and so on - so that they can prepare draft text for the flyer. They’ll arrange for the flyer to be printed and mailed out, if required. The Events team will also arrange for a ‘save the date’ entry to be included in Connect diary and added to the website. They will liaise with the Media team, who can help with coverage for any ‘newsworthy’ events.

Confirm speakers: We advise that the branch/district/group makes the first approach to speakers and once they’ve accepted the Events team will email to confirm their attendance and contact them about their presentation title and other important information. They will liaise with your speakers right up to the event to keep them involved, up to date and ensure all their requirements are met.

At 8 weeks

Audio visual equipment: The Events team will discuss AV with you and book any equipment needed via IOSH, the venue or an external supplier.

Bookings: All bookings for chargeable events will be taken centrally through the Events Bookings team, who will book delegates onto your event, process payments and refunds, and send out confirmation and joining instructions.

Ongoing promotion: The Events team will arrange for a direct mailing to be sent out to all, or part of, your branch/group membership (if required) and your event will be included in Connect diary right up to the event. It’s worth taking time to send personal invitations to key organisations that aren’t members, but fit your target audience for the event.

At 4 weeks

Speakers – final preparations: The Events team will contact speakers requesting their presentations in advance of the day, so that they can be combined into one seamless presentation, which will help the smooth running and professional delivery of your event. They will also request biographies and hand-outs, and provide speakers with a full brief on the event, as well as what is required from them on the day. The Events team will also support and brief the event Chair and liaise with any exhibitors or sponsors.

Delegate packs: The Events team will discuss content with you. They are able to provide you with a branded delegate wallet containing all your event information, eg programme, delegate list, speakers’ biographies and evaluation form. Name badges will also be provided. They will ensure all delegate packs, badges, pop-ups and other materials and equipment arrive at the venue for your event.

Venue: The Events team will work closely with the venue throughout the project and will confirm final numbers and requirements one to two weeks before the day.

On the day of the event

On the day: The Events team will be there to support your event by registering delegates, briefing speakers, liaising with the venue and looking after any sponsors or exhibitors. Committee support, where required, is always appreciated.

After the event: The Events team will send out formal ‘thank you’ letters to all speakers. They will analyse the delegate feedback forms and the event organisation so that the Committee can use this information to enhance future events. Also, they will ensure all invoices are paid and reconcile the budget and get the event signed off by the Events Manager.

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