Getting expenses

Network volunteers are entitled to claim back reasonable expenses for travel, food and accommodation while on IOSH business.

Each committee is permitted a certain number of ‘funded’ volunteers. Generally speaking, IOSH will reimburse all approved business expenses that a volunteer might reasonably and properly incur while on IOSH business. These expenses can include travel, accommodation and refreshment – but they must be reasonable, accompanied by receipts and signed by the branch or group Chair.

For more information regarding what is acceptable to claim back, please contact your Relationship Manager.

When on branch business, committee members can claim expenses through the Treasurer. Group committee members can claim expenses when attending committee meetings, visiting the IOSH head office for meetings, or representing IOSH on corporate business. Volunteers need to complete the UK Expense Claim form, the Euro Ireland Expense Claim form, or other form specific to their region. Please make sure the form is signed by the Chair before leaving a meeting or event, and pass it onto your Relationship Manager for action within one month to avoid delay in reimbursement.

Details of expenses that are claimable are contained in the Travel and Expenses Policy. Below is a summary of some parts of the policy that are relevant to volunteers, but please read the full policy to gain a better understanding. 


  • Private and/or company cars should be used by volunteers and a mileage allowance at the applicable rate (under HMRC policy) can be claimed.  The relevant rate will be shown on the current expense claim form.
  • Costs for car parking, road tolls and congestion charges may be claimed, with receipts, but parking or other fines must be met by the member.
  • Train travel should be taken as standard class. The exception for this is members of the Presidential Team and Chair of the Board of Trustees who may travel first class.
  • Taxi fares can be reimbursed but will require a receipt to accompany them. Taxis for volunteers travelling from airports to meetings at head office may be booked via IOSH.
  • International and internal air flights should normally be booked by IOSH, unless agreed differently with a member of IOSH’s Senior Leadership Team in advance. When flying is essential it should be via the most economical fare available. Where there is a charge for hold baggage, this should only be taken for stays of two nights or more.
  • The current policy regarding flights should first be confirmed by the budget holder.

Overseas visits that have not been budgeted for need to be considered on a case by case basis.


  • Should a visit fall over two days or not be conveniently commutable in a day IOSH recognises that accommodation will need to be provided.  A good quality chain hotel, such as Premier Inn, is recommended.
  • The accommodation rates payable by IOSH and a list of incidental expenses for overnight stays are outlined in the travel and expenses policy.  An exception to these rates may be made if it would be preferable for you to stay in the hotel where the meeting or event you are attending is being held.
  • For overseas travel, accommodation should be sensible, safe, reasonable in price and conveniently located for your work.

Day subsistence

  • IOSH will pay for all reasonable day subsistence expenses, for which receipts should be provided

Non-reimbursable expenses
A full list of what will not be reimbursed is contained in the travel and expenses policy.  This includes:

  • alcohol (a limited amount may be acceptable with a business evening meal)
  • excessive baggage charges
  • any items bought for personal use (including toiletries)
  • parking, speeding or other fines.

[v2 - October 2017]