Forms and templates

These are the most frequently used forms and templates you'll need as a volunteer.

By using them, you'll make sure that all the important information you need is in one place. They will help us to help you better by making sure that we know what you need us to do.

These can be downloaded as PDF or Word documents. Some forms can also be filled in on the Volunteer Portal if you prefer. Just click the link in the name to choose the item you need.

Additional funding request (Word document 45KB)
Branch AGM agenda (Word document 36KB)
Branch AGM nomination (Word document 37KB)
Branch committee agenda (Word document 25KB)
Branch committee update (Word document 54KB)
Branch meeting attendance register (Word document 12KB)
Branch meeting feedback form (Word document 27KB)
Event budget template (Excel spreadsheet 64KB)
Exhibition space booking (PDF document 508KB)
Expenses Euro Ireland (Word document 72KB)
Expenses Sterling UK (Word document 84KB)
Group committee agenda (Word document 26KB)
Networks Event notification (Word document 760KB)
New Branch or District application (Word document 52KB)
New Group application (Word document 51KB)
Non-Chartered officer application (Word document 53 KB)
Presidential visit request (Word document 54KB)
Related events submission (PDF document 1.63MBKB)
Photography request and guidelines (PDF document 1.8MB)
Powerpoint presentation template - standard (PPT document 183KB)
Powerpoint presentation template - widescreen (PPT document 150KB)
President's Distinguished Service Award nomination (Word document 69KB)
Project funding request (Word document 46KB)
Setting your strategy, a template for Branches (Word document 298KB)
Setting your strategy, a template for Groups (Word document 298KB)
Sponsorship booking (PDF document 504KB)
Strategy, WORK 2022 actions template (Excel, 16.9KB)
Transfer of District to Branch (Word document 51KB)
Travel and accommodation request (Word document 96KB)
Venue search request (Word document 797KB)
Webinar notification form (Word document 760KB)
Webinar process checklist (Word document 26KB)
Webpage event PC (PC Word document 67KB)
Webpage event Mac (Mac Word document)
Webpage news PC (PC Word document 62KB)
Webpage news Mac (Mac Word document)
Webpage general content PC (PC Word document 59KB)
Webpage general content Mac (Mac document)