Election of Vice-Presidents 2017

Do you want to be an IOSH Vice-President?

This year, we’re looking for two members to join the existing team of Vice-Presidents (VP) to represent IOSH from the AGM in November 2017 to the AGM in 2020. Vice-Presidents support the Presidential Team in their work with the media, at events and at lobbying and profile-raising meetings.

Becoming a Vice-President means you can ‘give something back’ to your professional body. And if you’re considering standing as President, it will give you a chance to get first-hand experience of what the role involves. You need to be either a Chartered Member of IOSH council, a Chartered Member of a Network, Standing or Nominations Committee, or a Chartered Fellow and have your CPD, if being undertaken, up-to-date.

Vice-Presidents will automatically join Council.

Applicants will be asked to make a presentation at the next Council meeting on the 13 September 2017. Although, if there are a high number of applicants, Council will be asked to shortlist prior to the meeting.

Please download the VP Job description for further information on the role.

Additional Information:

  • The deadline for submitting your application is 12:00pm Monday, 17 July 2017.
  • Candidates are reminded that they must be paid-up members of the Institution and have their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), if being undertaken, up to date.
  • On receipt of the application form the candidate will be contacted if he/she, has not renewed their subscription and/or their CPD, if being taken, is not up to date.
  • Candidates will be notified about incorrectly completed forms so they can re-submit a new form. If you need to resubmit your application you must still submit it before the closing date.
  • Candidates are reminded that no additional literature designed to enhance their prospect of election is to be circulated to members of the Institution.
  • Candidates should not communicate with voting council members unless invited, by the member to do so.
  • Candidates should restrict canvassing to making comments, statements and answering questions on the closed forum, which they will be given access to after the closing date. However, if a candidate has been contacted through this forum they are then allowed to communicate directly (either by phone or email) with the council member concerned.
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a Declaration of Interests form annually.
  • Newly elected members are expected to attend an induction day in October/November 2017.
  • By submitting an application, you agree that you're available to give a verbal presentation at the Council meeting on the 13 September 2017. Although video or video conferencing is also accepted.
  • Council members are able to ask questions of the candidates following their presentation where it contains new information (compared to their original statement) which requires classification.
Vice-President (VP), candidates must be from one of the following groups:
Please choose your group (Trustees are not eligible)
However, Trustees are not eligible
Please choose your category of membership
Please spell-check your application before submitting. Applications will be processed as received.
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