How to get licensed

The four step guide

how to be a licensed IOSH trainer

Step 1

Decide which IOSH health and safety training course you want to become licensed to deliver.

Step 2

Choose whether you want to buy one of the off the shelf training packages, like Leading SafelyManaging Safely, Managing Safely refresher or Working Safely. Or you could submit your own course for IOSH approval and run it is as tailored training course.

Find out more about the target audience, content, style and customer benefits of each IOSH training course, plus the support that is available to you as one of our licensed training providers in their delivery:

Getting approval to deliver... Leading Safely

Getting approval to deliver... Managing Safely

Getting approval to deliver... Managing Safely Refresher

Getting approval to deliver... Working Safely

Step 3

As an organisation you’ll need to complete a training provider license application form and sign our terms and conditions. All trainers who wish to deliver the training will also need to be approved, so you’ll also be asked details of their health and safety qualifications and training experience on the form. You can request this application form by contacting our Training customer support team.

Every person involved in the delivery of an IOSH course will need to be approved by IOSH.

All trainers of IOSH courses will need to have at least:

  • Technical membership of IOSH (a safety and health qualification is required)
  • an adult training qualification at level 3 (QCF), such as an Award in Education and Training
  • two years’ substantial, face-to-face, training delivery experience.

Some specialist courses may have different requirements, specifically to do with sector experience and level of IOSH membership. All members’ CPD must be in good standing.

E-learning training providers will need to have at least one Technical Member of IOSH.

If you’d like to deliver our Leading Safely course, or a Safety for Executives and Directors tailored course, your nominated member must be a Chartered Member of IOSH, and your trainers at least Graduate Members of IOSH.

For these two courses, your trainers must be able to provide evidence of their experience, knowledge and skills of working with, and training, a senior audience. They must have significant business leadership experience or a business qualification at level 5 or equivalent. Any information they provide to support their application will be verified – so by providing this information, they are consenting to us contacting the third parties.

For safety practitioner-level courses, the requirements may differ for each course. For more information, please contact our Training customer support team by email or on +44 (0)116 257 3192.

Step 4

Once you've been approved as an IOSH training provider, we’ll offer you continuing support and guidance. You will also be able to request use of the IOSH logo to help you promote your courses.

Need more information?

Please download our frequently asked questions document (PDF 594KB) which gives full detail on how to become a licensed provider of IOSH training.

 Need or want to know more? Phone us on +44(0)116 257 3192 or email