Consistency as standard

Exterior view of Almarai offices“Almarai has a diverse and growing workforce covering a large geographical area in the Middle East. Our objective was to improve safety performance by supporting safety leadership, knowledge and awareness – in particular, we believed it was vital that senior executives received consistent training to ensure that safety leadership becomes part of ‘business as usual’ here.

I saw the opportunity to use IOSH’s Leading Safely course to standardise the leadership training by tailoring the modules to our local legal and governance requirements. The intended outcome was to produce personal commitment toward safety leadership objectives.

Two Almarai employees stood on a balcony

The benefits of the Leading Safely course were immediate. We quickly built up a list of leading safety indicators and each course participant demonstrated positive safety leadership.

This has led to visible leadership being displayed by our most senior executives. So the overall result is a top-down improvement of the safety culture within our company.”

Keith Scott, Head of Health, Safety and Security, Almarai

Company profile: Based in Saudi Arabia, Almarai is one of the world’s largest dairy food and drink companies. It has 38,000 employees and supplies the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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