New noise chapter added to IOSH’s OH toolkit

  Trumpet| News | 03 July 2017

Noise cancelling earphones hanging on a wheelbarrowA new chapter focusing on the adverse effects of noise in the workplace has been added to IOSH’s online Occupational Health toolkit.

The development of the new guidance by IOSH’s Information & Intelligence team follows feedback from members at the annual IOSH Networks Conference last year.

It covers the main sources of noise at work, typical and hazardous noise levels, and the health effects of noise.

The guidance also highlights the legal background to noise at work, noise control measures, and provides advice for managers and employees on early intervention and rehabilitation.

Judith McNulty Green, IOSH’s Technical Information Manager, said: “We asked members at Networks Conference 2016 what subjects they wanted guidance on and the top answer was noise.

“We have therefore developed this new collection of free technical guidance to help our members deal with the issue in their workplaces.

“Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common preventable occupational health condition in the world. It can have devastating impacts upon individuals both socially and physiologically.”

To access the free materials visit

IOSH publishes a range of free technical guidance, which is designed to support and inform safety and health professionals, and motivate and influence industry stakeholders. For more information, please call IOSH’s Information and Intelligence team on +44(0)116 257 3100 or email

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