Meeting brings ISO 45001 'closer'

16 February 2017

The 8th international meeting of the ISO PC 283 Work Group took place on 6-10 February in Vienna.

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IOSH, a Category A Liaison body, was represented by Richard Jones, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, and IOSH member Phil Bates. They were among the 60 international delegates in attendance.

Richard brings us up to date with latest developments and the schedule of activity going forward:

“Vienna brings ISO 45001 closer, with a real prospect of publication later this year. This 8th international meeting was convened to progress the draft international standard, consolidating the work of previous meetings that began back in 2013.

“Good progress was made and scheduled work completed, with all terms and definitions now agreed. The meeting split into groups to help align the Annex with the revised clauses and ensure it adequately aids their interpretation. Overall, there was a great sense of achievement and optimism, given the progress made and level of consensus reached.”

What happens next?

“Over the next few weeks the ISO Secretariat will edit and produce the next draft, DIS2, which will be sent to National Standards Bodies, possibly by end of February. They’ll then have two months for translation, which should be completed by end of April. Then there’ll be a two-month consultation period and voting on DIS2, between May and June. At that stage, it’ll just be seeking comments on significant issues, given the extensive and detailed commentary that’s already taken place.

“The next meeting is planned for 18-23 September in Malacca, Malaysia. Assuming there was a positive vote on DIS2, it’s expected this’ll be the final meeting, with publication of the finalised ISO 45001 standard anticipated by the end of 2017. BS OHSAS 18001 will then be withdrawn and there’ll be a three-year migration period to ISO 45001.”

Other developments

Work on BS 45004 (implementation guidance) is already underway and targeted for release at the same time as the new standard ISO 45001: 2017. 

Meanwhile, IOSH is organising an ISO Masterclass Roadshow between 27-31 March in Edinburgh, Bristol, Coventry and Leeds, with Richard Jones (the IOSH lead on this); David Smith (Chair of ISO PC 283); Kristian Glaesel (Convenor of ISO PC 283 Work Group); and Nigel Leehane (Chair of BSI committee on environmental management systems). To find out more and book a place on a Masterclass session, please visit our event listings page here.

IOSH will continue to seek out members whose organisations are keen to be early-adopters of ISO 45001 to produce and share case studies via our ISO 45001 resource hub. If you’re interested, please get in touch at

Caption: Richard Jones, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at IOSH