McLaren Construction raises awareness of occupational cancer risks

13 September 2017

Contractors in the construction industry will be made aware of cancer caused by exposure to harmful substances at work during an awareness day being held on 14 September 2017.

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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) will present its No Time to Lose campaign at McLaren Construction Ltd’s Contractors Awareness Day.

Research suggests that in Britain, around 8,000 people die each year from a work-related cancer and there are almost 14,000 new cases of cancer caused by work registered annually.

The latest global study, published last week, revealed that this dreadful disease is claiming at least 742,000 lives a year worldwide.

McLaren Construction, a company specialising in new build and refurbishment projects for major blue chip clients, signed up to the No Time to Lose campaign pledge and made a commitment to prevent exposure to carcinogens in its workplace.

No Time to Lose aims to raise awareness of significant carcinogens such as asbestos, silica dust, solar radiation and diesel fumes and help businesses take action by providing free practical resources.

Shane Hallam, Regional Safety, Health and Environment Manager (Midlands/North) at McLaren Construction said:

“As part of the third Contractors Awareness Day, McLaren Construction is delighted to have the involvement of IOSH through the No Time to Lose campaign.

“The managing of occupational health and in particular occupational cancer is significant to McLaren Construction to ensuring the safeguarding and protection of the workforce and supply chain members. IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign is an excellent tool in communicating this message.”

Alan Blanchett, Group Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Director at McLaren Construction said:

“At McLaren Construction, the protection of our employees, sub-contractors and the general public is carefully considered throughout the project life cycle. Our aim is to provide a working environment that is free from harm by promoting a clear and positive safety culture, ensuring the well-being of all parties involved with our work.”

“With our association with IOSH through the No Time to Lose campaign, we look to enhance our performance in the knowledge and delivery of the promotion to prevent occupational cancer.”

At the event, IOSH Vice President Michelle Muxworthy will deliver a presentation on the No Time to Lose campaign to 80 contractors.

Her talk will cover the latest research on occupational cancer, real life stories of those that have been affected by it, and practical advice on how to manage carcinogens at work. The free campaign materials will also be distributed to all attendees.

Michelle said:

“It’s great to see McLaren Construction putting its pledge in to action. All occupational cancers are preventable and by working together with like-minded businesses, we can beat it.

“No Time to Lose has over 100 businesses signed up to its pledge to prevent occupational cancer. By doing so, they promise to take a number of actions, including developing an occupational cancer prevention strategy and ensuring employees use the preventative measures.

“Businesses can also take immediate action by downloading the free resources on the campaign website to help spread the message.”

McLaren Construction will also highlight other occupational health issues at its event, including eye and respiratory protection, wellbeing, mental health, ventilation/extract and behavioural change.

To find out more about IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign and to download free practical resources to prevent occupational cancer, visit