Join IOSH Council and develop yourself and your Institution

26 March 2018

Do you want an “excellent personal development opportunity”? How about a “positive networking experience”?

180326 Council

If so, joining IOSH’s Council may just be the ideal next step for you.

Nominations for the 2018 elections open today. IOSH is seeking 12 members who are committed to the health and safety profession and have a desire to play a key role in the next three years as the Institution continues to deliver its WORK 2022 strategy.

As a member of Council, you can represent the views of your fellow members; you can debate key strategic, professional and policy issues; and you can help choose who the next President of the Institution will be.

To be nominated, each candidate needs to be proposed by two other members, or a network. Nominations must be received by noon on Friday 25 May.

Later this year, a ballot will be conducted to elect 12 Council members, who will join after the Institution's AGM at September's Networks Conference. Successful candidates will serve for three years.

Existing Council members have said the opportunity is not-to-be-missed.

Paul Haxell said: “For me, being on Council, is an opportunity to connect to the membership a bit better.”

Andy Lo said: “I find the networking experience most positive and extremely valuable to my career path.”

Mary Lawrence said: “It’s a really good way to find out about the organisation. It’s a good stepping point if you think you might want to do more volunteering.”

IOSH President Craig Foyle said: “Members can really benefit from being a member of Council because they get to understand the governance process and also it provides an excellent personal development opportunity.”

Click here to make your nomination or for more information.