Construction group to hold conference

  Trumpet| News | 08 October 2018

Mental health, musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory health will be among the topics highlighted at the IOSH Construction Conference next month.

It is the first annual conference being held by the IOSH Construction Group. It will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Manchester Airport on Wednesday 07 November.

It is hoped that delegates at the event will become more aware of current safety and health issues and be able to enhance the way they protect workers.

Dr Michael Cash, Chair of the IOSH Group, said: “The main focus of the conference will be delivering health improvements in the construction industry and will be closely aligned with the [UK] HSE’s construction sector strategy.

“We wanted to focus the conference on health for a number of reasons. Historically, companies have focused on the management of safety risks but the elephant in the room has always been health hazards.

“Unfortunately, the statistics speak for themselves, with huge numbers dying each year from past exposure to dusts and chemicals at work and one in four suffering from a mental health problems.

“The micro and SME sectors find the management of health particularly challenging. We hope that our conference will enable delegates to go back to their organisations and take positive action to improve the health of their workforce.”

Among the speakers at the event will be Chris Lucas, a Principal Inspector at the UK Health and Safety Executive; Dr Wendy Jones, a Senior Researcher in occupational health at Loughborough University; and Eric Ball, of Park Health.

For more information on the conference, visit the event page.

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