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  • New course tackles the toll of work-related disease

    Mega phone 20 June 2018
    Happy workers

    Work-related ill health and occupational disease caused almost 26 million lost work days in Britain in 2016/17. In the UK alone sickness absence costs the economy £100bn each year, £8bn of that is due to mental ill-health, and presenteeism (working when unfit to do so) is estimated to cost a further £15bn.

    Occupational illnesses can also be fatal. Worldwide, a daily average of around 7,600 deaths are linked to work. Recent research revealed that 86% of these are caused by occupational diseases rather than accidents.

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  • Safety experts criticise lack of action following Grenfell tragedy

    Mega phone 13 June 2018
    Government response to Grenfell

    Safety and health professionals are calling for the Government to explain how their demands have been addressed following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire last June.

    Immediately after the fire in London one year ago this week, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) joined with other professional bodies to call for “urgent action” in a letter to the Prime Minister signed by over 1,000 safety and health professionals.

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  • Royal Marines among first candidates to take health and safety qualification

    Mega phone 29 May 2018
    180529 Qual Royal Marines

    Former Royal Marines who followed the well-trodden path from the Armed Forces to occupational safety and health have begun to deliver a new qualification in the field – with existing Royal Marines among the first candidates.

    Military personnel who are based at RM Condor, near Arbroath in Scotland, were joined by civilians to begin to study the NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business.

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  • Young workers risking chronic conditions for portable devices

    Mega phone 25 May 2018
    180525 MSDs

    A generation of young workers are risking chronic conditions later in life because “the draw of using portable devices is greater than their long-term health”, a leading consultant on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) has warned.

    At IOSH 2018, this year’s leading safety and health conference, Katharine Metters will argue there is a culture where people don’t worry about the damage they may be doing to themselves until they suffer from pain. Many also believe, she says, that therapy can undo such damage.

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  • Public venues must “understand ever-changing attack profile”

    Mega phone 21 May 2018
    Counter terrorism

    Ahead of the first anniversary of the bombing at Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people, leading experts in event safety and security have urged those responsible for managing sporting, music and other events to thoroughly take stock of the risks they face.

    Garry Jones says doing so will avoid “ineffective, knee-jerk reactions”, adding that the public expect “a level of security commensurate with risk”.

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