Improving Working Lives – the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

About this consultation

The Green Paper asks for comment on a range of areas specifically within the occupational health and safety agenda, including:

  • The evidence for the link between work and good health
  • How to make the business case with employers around creating and maintaining healthy workplaces for the benefit of their employees and their businesses.
  • Development of information campaigns on key topics around occupational health and safety to help employers’ access existing information and adopt good practice
  • The management of sickness absence
  • The management of employees returning to work after periods of absence
  • Improving discussions around fitness for work and sickness certification
  • The role of the workplace in promoting healthy lifestyles
  • How to support small and medium sized businesses


The Green Paper launches a discussion around how disabled people and people with long-term health conditions can be supported to get into, and to stay in, work.

Proposed changes

The Green Paper proposes to:

  • Enable disabled people and people with health conditions to get into work. 
  • Bring a new focus to efforts to prevent health conditions from developing and worsening, helping more people to remain in work for longer.

Consultation questions

IOSH will be responding to the Green Paper on those areas within the occupational health and safety remit.  We ask members to send us their views for consideration as part of an IOSH submission. Please respond to this consultation to by 16 December 2016.

Members who wish to respond as individuals or representing their businesses can do so by completing Work, Health and Disability: Consultation responses by 17 February 2017.