Office of Rail and Road: Guidance on developing & maintaining Staff Competence

About this consultation

Please see: Consultation on the revision of ORR guidance on developing & maintaining staff

ORR intends that RSP1 remains generic in nature to ensure its overall content is inherently substantially “future proof”. It does not believe that a major technical revision is required and broadly proposes to add content on the integration of non-technical skills (NTS) into competence management systems, as well as updating references.


ORR’s existing guidance booklet Railway Safety Publication 1 (RSP1) “Developing and maintaining staff competence” was originally published by the Health & Safety Executive in 2002 following its development by industry. According to the ORR it has been identified as “the industry’s own” and was well received. The document was updated in 2007 to include issues around the ROGS Regulations requirements on staff competence and fitness. The publication sets out the principles and features of a generic competence management system, consisting of five phases, broken down into fifteen generic principles. It is intentionally generic in nature to enable the range of rail duty-holders discretion in devising competence management arrangements to suit individual needs.

Proposed changes

ORR has undertaken an initial pre-consultation which resulted in suggested changes marked in the document in review/track changes mode. ORR is seeking industry’s views on this draft.

Consultation questions

Please use the ORR consultee response form and send your responses to this consultation to IOSH by 17 May 2016. Members also wishing to respond individually to ORR can do so here by 31 May 2016.

Members also wishing to respond individually to ORR can do so here by 31 May 2016.