Consultation on draft guidance on Network Rail's strategic business plans

About this consultation

ORR intends to issue guidance to Network Rail in February 2017 on the content of their strategic business plans. The aim of the guidance is to:

  • Improve transparency, quality and accountability
  • Facilitate train operators’, end users’ and other stakeholders engagement in the strategic business plans, both during their development and subsequent scrutiny, and
  • Ensure that the strategic plans support comparison between the routes, improving scrutiny and provide a strong basis for monitoring

The guidance scope includes:

  • The structure of the submission
  • Its governance including the need for transparency and appropriate sign off
  • The importance of stakeholders in the process and expectations regarding engagement between routes and stakeholders
  • Route objectives including the importance of efficiency, asset sustainability and health and safety
  • The need for detailed activity and expenditure plans, and assurance


As part of the 2018 periodic review, Network Rail will produce strategic business plans, to form the main source of evidence that the regulator will use to determine Network Rail’s funding and outputs for the control period that will run from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2024.

Proposed changes

The consultation provides stakeholders with the opportunity to influence:

  • The content of the guidance on and therefore the content of strategic business plans
  • How the ORR assess the strategic business plans
  • How stakeholders might add value through their engagement with the process of preparing the strategic business plans and their subsequent scrutiny

Consultation questions

IOSH will be responding to this consultation. We ask members to send us their views for consideration as part of an IOSH submission. Please respond to this consultation to by 31 December 2016.  

Members who wish to respond as individuals or representing their businesses can do so by the methods identified in the consultation by 11 January 2017.