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The aim of our consultation process is to present policymakers with IOSH members' opinions about the things that most affect them. We value input from all of our members on these important topics..

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  • Building our Industrial Strategy Green Paper

    The UK Government is consulting on its proposals for a modern Industrial Strategy as part of its post-Brexit plan. It intends that the Industrial Strategy will create the right conditions for new and growing enterprise to thrive and help young people to develop the skills needed for the high-paid, high-skilled jobs of the future. The stated objective of the Industrial Strategy is “…to improve living standards and economic growth by increasing productivity and driving growth across the whole country.“


    Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

    Ends on: 24 February 2017
    Status: Ended With Response
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  • Corporate Governance Reform Green Paper

    The Green Paper seeks views in a number of areas where there are options for updating the corporate governance framework. In relation to occupational health and safety these are:

    • Whether there are measures that could increase the connection between boards of directors and other groups with an interest in corporate performance such as employees and suppliers
    • Whether the requirements for corporate governance reporting that apply to listed companies should be extended to large privately-held companies and / or businesses within different types of ownership


    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

    Ends on: 20 January 2017
    Status: Ended With Response
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  • Consultation on draft guidance on Network Rail's strategic business plans

    ORR intends to issue guidance to Network Rail in February 2017 on the content of their strategic business plans. The aim of the guidance is to:

    • Improve transparency, quality and accountability
    • Facilitate train operators’, end users’ and other stakeholders engagement in the strategic business plans, both during their development and subsequent scrutiny, and
    • Ensure that the strategic plans support comparison between the routes, improving scrutiny and provide a strong basis for monitoring

    The guidance scope includes:

    • The structure of the submission
    • Its governance including the need for transparency and appropriate sign off
    • The importance of stakeholders in the process and expectations regarding engagement between routes and stakeholders
    • Route objectives including the importance of efficiency, asset sustainability and health and safety
    • The need for detailed activity and expenditure plans, and assurance


    Office of Rail and Road (ORR)

    Ends on: 31 December 2016
    Status: Ended With Response
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  • Improving Working Lives – the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

    The Green Paper asks for comment on a range of areas specifically within the occupational health and safety agenda, including:

    • The evidence for the link between work and good health
    • How to make the business case with employers around creating and maintaining healthy workplaces for the benefit of their employees and their businesses.
    • Development of information campaigns on key topics around occupational health and safety to help employers’ access existing information and adopt good practice
    • The management of sickness absence
    • The management of employees returning to work after periods of absence
    • Improving discussions around fitness for work and sickness certification
    • The role of the workplace in promoting healthy lifestyles
    • How to support small and medium sized businesses


    Department for Work & Pensions and the Department for Health

    Ends on: 16 December 2016
    Status: Ended With Response
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  • Goal setting principles for railway safety

    The purpose of this consultation is to generate discussion around seven principles:

    1. Health and safety by design
    2. Infrastructure
    3. Stations and stabling areas (sidings and depots)
    4. Electric traction systems
    5. Railway control systems
    6. Level crossings
    7. Trains

    Each principle details the health and safety performance required by an item of works, plant or equipment, referred to as the factors. The legal requirements for each principle are defined and signposts are identified to further guidance.

    • The intended audience for the principles document includes:
    • Health and safety managers in the rail industry
    • Those designing or putting into use new or altered works, railway vehicles, plant or equipment
    • Other managers in roles which affect safety, particularly in the development and implementation of standards
    • Staff working on the railway and their representatives
    • ORR railway inspectors and engineers

    The principles are intended to:

    • identify the high level safety principles relevant to them or their organisation or project
    • understand their responsibilities and help make sure they meet their duties
    • find more detailed information if they need to


    Office of Rail and Road (ORR)

    Ends on: 31 August 2016
    Status: Ended With Response
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