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Executive committees are the driving force behind branches, districts and groups. IOSH members volunteer to sit on these committees as officers, by looking after certain roles or just by assisting the committee in a general capacity. As well as delivering benefits to the Institution, volunteering also benefits the member who serves on the committee.

For example, members can make reference to volunteering in their 'day job', highlighting the contribution they make to the world of safety and health outside of work.

Volunteering activity can be used to contribute to continuing professional development, and it’s a great way of building professional contacts. And of course, volunteers can learn and develop skills that may be beneficial in other areas of their life.

Many branches and districts are looking for volunteers as part of their AGM process to sit on their executive committee. You can find full details of branch/district AGMs in Connect and Connect Diary (as they're being published on the website) or go to the main Events page and do a search using your branch name. Some of the committee roles and posts are:

The Chair. Is responsible for overall leadership of the executive committee, coordinating activities in support of IOSH’s aims and objectives. The main link between the committee and its designated networks officer at The Grange, IOSH's head office. Oversees production of the network’s programme of meetings and activities. A Chair will typically develop a wide range of contacts, becoming skilled at managing both projects and people

The Vice-Chair. Provides assistance for the Chair in coordinating network activities. Stands in to lead the executive committee when the Chair is not available. Many Chairs serve as Vice-Chairs in the year preceding their election as it is an excellent way of gaining experience and contacts.

The Secretary. Coordinates the administration of the network, ensuring all relevant documentation and correspondence is maintained. Will often be a key contact between the executive committee and its designated networks officer at The Grange.

The Treasurer. Is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the network. Liaises with staff at IOSH regarding the committee's budget, expenditure and any other financial issues. Treasurers have the planning and people skills necessary to manage expenditure across the executive committee.

The Communications Coordinator. Takes responsibility for content on the website. Acts as a contact point for news and information for staff at IOSH. Helps to promote key IOSH campaigns in addition to issues relevant to the network’s own interests. Comms Coordinators will gain experience in media planning, managing online content and ways to effectively reach an audience.

We'd recommend that you visit the Volunteer Portal before you apply for any of these roles. This dedicated website will give you more information on each of these roles and show you how IOSH supports volunteers. This dedicated website will give you more information on each of these roles and show you how IOSH supports volunteers. 

To apply for a committee role, please submit an online nomination form.  Please note the proposer and seconder has to be a member in good standing.”

Volunteer for your network

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Volunteering for your network