Message from the Chair

A warm welcome to 2018 and to another exciting year for the group. Sadly my last year in office, how time flies! 2017 proved very successful for us, building relations with other agencies, commenting on draft guidance and delivering safety advice by means of editorial and public speaking. Our best practice award for event safety at the NOEA awards dinner helped increase our profile in the industry and helped embrace more commitment and understanding from event organsisers. The mock trial was exceptionally well attended as was the drone event at Twickenham stadium. Listening to our members we are hosting two one day workshops on counter terrorism and crowd control. Details to be released soon. Monthly articles are planned for the microsite and any offers or suggestions are welcome.

The new diverse, enthusiastic and committed committee are working hard, strong characters and expert in their fields which leads to some very healthy debates and forward thinking. Some potential guidance may be brewing so watch this space.

A big thank you to the committee and all the members, together we will continue to strive to improve event safety in a practical, pragmatic and fun way.

Richard Limb