Message from the Chair

After over 25 years in the events industry I am deeply honored and privileged to accept Chair of the IOSH Sports Grounds and Events group. I retired from work earlier this year and one could say to me its the icing on the cake ,the final box to tick as I finish my  very exciting and involved career.  I retired because I wanted to concentrate on other interests such as outdoor pursuits and photography but in addition I am able to continue to contribute to safety standards by my involvement with this group. A very rewarding and exciting finale. The group is currently being restructured and we are currently short listing some fantastic candidates, so watch this space.

With over 500 members in this group we have the potential to do great things, educate, innovate, enthuse, set standards, debate , have fun and make a difference. We in the events industry take health and safety seriously and understand and embrace the creativity it allows by following basic risk management principles. We understand its not black and white, we understand its not designed to prevent enjoyment  and to stop us doing exciting things . The new group will be awesome and I look forward us all doing what we are good at, team work, commitment and championing the event safety cause.

Richard Limb