The committee

Kevin Bywater

Kevin Bywater MBE - Group Chair

Works as a Health & Safety Manager of Shropshire Group (UK) Farms

Completed 22 years military service before joining a very large farming and food processing company, with substantial and expanding UK and international interests in USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Senegal to name but a few.

Kevin is a very active Health and Safety manger across the farming operations and is also responsible for auditing across the Group along with key involvement on very large building projects around various company sites throughout the UK.

Work role covers a vast area across East Anglia, and involves:

  • Green House operation
  • Planting
  • Harvesting
  • Processing
  • Dispatch work
  • Management of Migrant Workers

Works on a European project on Combine Safety. Has worked closely with the HSE in training new inspectors on agricultural machinery.

Has worked closely with the HSE in training new inspectors on agricultural machinery.

He has presented to IOSH a session on the Management of Migrant Workers from a front line Safety Managers perspective.

Member of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers

Been involved with LEAF for the annual National Farm Sundays

David Knowles

David Knowles - Committee Member

David has an agricultural policy research background and formerly worked as an HSE agricultural inspector and also as health and safety officer with MAFF.

Currently Health and Safety Manager for the 10 ADAS Farm Units  ADAS, David also acts as “competent person” for a number of traditional estates nationwide. David attends the main HSE AIAC committee meetings and the HSE AIAC Gathering Intelligence project group committee meetings.

David's areas of expertise include:

  • practical health and safety management on farms
  • advice on safe shooting (game and clay), fishing, fish farming, riding establishments, sawmills and woodworking, visitor management, maintenance of historic properties.
  • management training and advice
  • research in rural sector
  • expert witness work for personal injury claims
Nigel Davy

Nigel Davy - Committee Member

Nigel is an independent health and safety consultant, Chairman of the Food Industry Safety and Health Network (FISHnet), attends the HSE AIAC Transport project group committee meetings, and is Workshops Coordinator for the East Anglia Branch.

Nigel’s early experience in health and safety was as a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Agricultural Inspector, followed by 12 years as a group health and safety adviser in the food and agricultural industry.

Nigel now operates as a consultant, with clients predominantly in the food, agriculture and transport sector.

Nigel’s areas of expertise include:

  • workplace transport
  • auditing
  • bespoke training
  • safety management systems risk assessment and accident.

Alan Plom




Alan Plom - Vice Chair and Comms Co-ordinator

Alan Plom 'retired' (early) from HSE in 2011 where he had worked in a variety of field inspectorate and HQ/Policy posts over 32 years.  Having joined HSE in 1979 as an Agricultural Inspector he was pleased to end his HSE career as Head of Safety Section in HSE's Agriculture & Food Sector - where he lead nationally on safety issues in agriculture and the land-based industries, including:

• farming
• forestry
• arboriculture
• amenity/landscaping and
• aquaculture

He is now a Rural Training Organiser in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas and also an independent health and safety consultant.

He is also an active Member of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, serving on their national Council and Branch Committee.


John G McNamara - Committee Member

John is National Health and Safety Specialist with Teagasc , the Irish state Research, Education and Training and Advisory Authority for Agriculture and Food.

John’s areas of Expertise include:

  • holds a Masters Degree in Agricultural Science a university Diploma in Safety , Health and Welfare at Work and a PhD in OHS adoption by farmers
  • has wide experience in Agricultural Education, Adult Education, Specialist Advice, Research and Management, particularly related to OHS
  • is a current member of the statutory advisory committee for the agriculture sector to the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland
  • has co-authored a number of research papers  
  • other affiliations: associate member of ISASH International Society of Agricultural Safety and Health (USA)
  • was recently nominated as Adjunct Lecturer in OHS at the School of Agriculture, University College Dublin, Ireland.

John Ireland

John Ireland - Committee Member

John is the Forestry Commission Safety Health and Environment officer that supports the Commission safety team across Scotland, England and Wales in Visitor safety issues on the National Forest Estate.

John's areas of expertise include:

  • management of cycling on the National forest Estate
  • design and construction of trails 
  • volunteer management
  • John represents the Forestry Commission on the Visitor Safety in the Countryside group (VSCG)