Guidance produced by Ground Control Ltd for 'Trees Grass and Caterpillars' event, Penrith, 16 March 2017:

Farm Safety Week

On the tracks: Level-headed thinking vital - Farm crossing article featured in Farmers Weekly

Industry Update + Focus on Construction in Agriculture

This presentation provides an update on the current position on agricultural safety and information about the Farm Safety Partnership.

It also focuses on Construction on Farms, highlighting relevant guidance on standards for Farm Buildings and application of CDM (eg produced by RIDBA and the Forestry Commission) and a recent challenging 'build' involving a RIG member.

Emergency Procedures - Calling the Emergency Services and using 112 SMS Emergency texts

This article provides essential advice on emergency planning, particularly for work in remote locations.  It also explains the little known 112 SMS (‘Short Messaging Service', ie text) procedure for use in emergency situations where there is an inadequate mobile phone signal for a voice call. It describes how to register for the 112 service and also provides advice on how to maximise the signal for conventional calls from mobile phones.

List of Guidance on Tree Management, Treework, Landscaping and Amenity/Grounds Maintenance

This list of guidance and sources of information on Management of Trees, Treework, Landscaping and Amenity/Grounds Maintenance was produced following the ‘Trees, Grounds and Caterpillars’ Networking Event held at Santon Downham, Suffolk on 26 February 2014.

Farm Safety Partnership - Machinery Safety Group

Update and Action Plan (July 2014)

This paper is a summary of the priority topics and proposals for future work, including possible ‘campaigns’ proposed by the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) Machinery Safety sub-group (MSG). 
It Is based on discussions at the Workshop convened by IOSH Rural Industries Group on behalf of the FSP, on 1 October 2013, updated following subsequent comments and FSP meetings, including the FSP Board, Partners meetings, and the MSG.

Many of these ideas will be considered and developed by topic-based working groups – although some may be discussed through webinars or video-conferences.
We are looking for individuals to lead on particular topics and help to convene and develop the ideas.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, or a particular enthusiasm and expertise on any of the topics listed in this update and are willing to share your experience and knowledge to support a working group, please contact the FSP's Machinery Group Chair Alan Plom on, or via the FSP Secretariat.

The IOSH Rural Industries Group (RIG) are pleased to present their Training and Competence Guides. NB These guides are currently under review.

Here you will find details of health and safety related training and competency assessments available for those who work in the agricultural/horticultural/amenity and forestry sectors. It is not an exhaustive list as there may be other equally acceptable sources of training available elsewhere.

Each document covers a separate sector within the rural industries or relates to particular activities or work equipment. Where necessary legal requirements are explained, The guides include:

Vehicles and machinery, covering tractors; off-road vehicles; all terrain vehicles (ATVs); lift trucks; mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs); and abrasive wheels (Produced 07/2011)

Manual handling (Produced 07/2011)

Forestry and Arboriculture (Produced by the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group of the HSE)

Disclaimer - (The information presented in the following guides is under review. Some information may be dated.)

Animal care, covering animal care/welfare; dairy farming; gamekeeping; and livestock (Produced 03/2007)

Environment and conservation (Produced 03/2007)

Equestrianism, covering horse riding, stables, care, training etc; and farriery (Produced 03/2007)

First aid
 (Produced 03/2007)

Hedge laying, fencing and dry stone walling (Produced 03/2007)

Horticulture and floristry (Produced 03/2007)

Pest Control, covering both pesticides application and vertebrate pest control (Produced 03/2007)

If you have any comments or queries regarding these guides, please contact Leanne Lowther.