Farm worker dies in fire (+ guidance on LPG)

16 March 2016

HSE has reported that a self-employed farm worker died in North Yorkshire on 16/02/2016 when a static mobile home was taken into a wooded area for disposal. His body was found later in the burnt out unit.

The cause of the fire has not yet been established, but meanwhile HSE has advised:

  • Most fires are preventable.
  • There are well-known potential explosion and fire hazards associated with liquid petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Assess the risks if a fire were to break out and make sure that you have a safe mean of escape.
  • Let everyone know what to do if a fire starts and how to raise the alarm.
  • Have enough fire extinguishers (of the right type) to deal promptly with small outbreaks of fire and keep the extinguishers serviced and maintained.

More detailed guidance on fire precautions can be found on the HSE website and on the agriculture pages. Further general guidance on ‘Fire safety in the workplace’ is available on the website.

More specifically, the UKLPG Association’s User Information Sheet 011 (Jan 2008) Fire and Gas Safety guidance for farmers using LPG for caravans was produced in partnership with HSE [nb.  This was originally issued in July 2004 as LPGA Information Sheet 19.]

See also HSE’s Information Sheet listing Industry guidance on gas safety in caravans