Another overhead power line death

Our pages have well-documented the precautions needed for avoiding contact with overhead powers lines and therefore it saddens us all to hear of the death of another person and the serious injuries to another when a raised lorry trailer made contact with an overhead power line (OHPL) in Suffolk on 30 August.

It appears that the man who was killed was visiting the farm to collect grain when the raised trailer of his vehicle made contact with the OHPL.

This highlights the range of risks that need to be managed when visiting and delivering to farms, and also the importance of the broader duties to cooperate between those delivering and those receiving deliveries.

However busy a time of year it is:

  • Remember that farm machinery is getting bigger and taller, increasing the chances of a cable strike
  • Plan to avoid loading in the proximity of an overhead powerline
  • Remind even the most experienced of what to do if they do contact a powerline
  • Make sure visiting drivers are made aware of the risks specific to our farm, and
  • Have the emergency numbers for the electricity companies Distribution Networks Officer close to hand

Relevant guidance on deliveries and overhead powerlines includes: