Rural Industries Group visit Turkey

Members from IOSH's Rural Industries Group recently took part in a conference in Sanlirufa, Turkey. The conference, focusing on occupational safety and health (OSH) in agriculture, was part of Turkey’s 26th OSH week, organised by the OSH Directorate of the Turkish Ministry of Labour. The Turkish Government currently faces the task of regulating the agricultural industry, to prepare Turkey for accession to the EU.

Alan Plom, Vice Chair Elect for the IOSH Rural Industries Group, said:

“Standards of safety and working conditions in agriculture have not been addressed in a concerted way before, possibly because of the remote and unregistered, family-based agricultural system. However, the importance of the industry and the impact of accidents on production have now been recognised by the Turkish authorities.

“David Knowles, John McNamara and I, are honoured that the Turkish authorities have given us the opportunity to come and share our knowledge and advice.”

Malcolm McIntyre, Chair of IOSH’s New Accession Countries working party, said:

“It’s fantastic that IOSH has been given this opportunity to support the agricultural industry in Turkey.

“Our work here is a prime example of how IOSH continues to develop internationally, allowing us to work more closely with a number of new accession countries.”

The full report can be found here.

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