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Security, threat and terrorism awareness workshop 2015

Workshop programme

Speaker presentations:

Stewart James - The threat inside

John Barnes - Security and threats to food and drink

Richard Voke - Stakeholders liabilities regarding security threats

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015 - “Retailing the Tale”. A Review of CDM 15 in the Retail Environment - 7 June 2015

Summary: This joint event with the CIEH Commercial and Independent Special Interest Group, held at Ashfords LLP, focused on how the new duties in CDM 15 will apply to refurbishment, repair and facilities-management activities, and topics such as Construction Phase Plans and interactions with client, principle designer and principle contractor.

Philip White - HSE

Clive Johnson – Land securities

Neil Sheehan – Asda

Alan Herbert – EHP Consultant

Richard Voke – Ashfords LLP

Workplace transport 2015 - 3 June 2015

Summary: This joint event between the Food and Drink Group and the Retail and Distribution Group focused on assessing and managing vehicle movement risks in the workplace. The day was a mixture of practical activities and presentations based on improving awareness, assessment and control of the workplace and other transport-related hazards. The event was aimed at helping prevent one of the main causes of work-related fatalities.

Glen Davies

Richard Voke

Andy Melachrino

Chris Moore

Astrid van der Burgt

Dangerous goods in packages - incidents, response and prevention - 24 September 2013

Summary: The carriage of packaged dangerous goods is often overlooked when it comes contingency planning and emergency response. Yet, the consequences of a fire or leaking packages causing an environmental spill should not be underestimated. Drivers often hesitate, unsure what exactly is expected of them, particularly in the case of so-called small loads where no instructions in writing are required. Also, transport office staff may not have a clear set of instructions for the driver and how to handle the emergency situation. With dangerous goods events now also counting towards Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS), the effect of an incident on the road should be taken seriously. 

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Retail fit out and refurbishment safety - 04 October 2012

Summary: There isn’t much sign of the economic gloom lifting soon, but customers still need to be clothed and fed. As retailers respond to customers’ needs, they continue to revamp existing stores and open new ones. But the need to do more with less has intensified the pressures and potential conflicts between various parties like contractors, landlords and retailers. This event gave the opportunity to share current thinking and best practice in continuing to deliver high standards of health and safety during these highly pressured activities and look at new developments in health and safety, particularly relating to asbestos, and their impacts on both retailers and shopfitters involved in fit-out and refurbishment.

Speaker presentations:

Robert Hudson, National Association of Shopfitters:  What's new?

Steffan Groch, DWF LLP: Legal update

David Wooldridge: Asbestos - from ideal material to killer

Jane Beckmann, HSE: The asbestos regulations

Steve Hanson, M&S Safety Group: Asbestos - lessons to be learned

Matt Peaty, Land Securities: A view from the front

Round table discussions

Dock leveller safety - 13 September 2012

Summary: Loading docks present a number of significant risks which require careful management. Differing specifications for docks and vehicles, visiting drivers and the lack of direct communication between drivers and warehouse staff all contribute to potential problems. This event focused on premises with loading activities that use dock levellers, highlighting the key risk areas and considering possible solutions adopted in this industry. It was also the launch of the Dock Safety Guide, the new industry guidance document published in a working partnership between the Freight Transport Association (FTA) Logistics Safety Working Group, Warehouse Safety Forum and IOSH Retail and Distribution Group.

Speaker presentations:

Sally Thornley, FTA:  Introduction to the new Dock Safety Guide

Vince Joyce, HSE: Loading dock safety - an enforcer's view

Chris Moore, Asda: A practical guide to the Guide 

Rob Fay, Easilift Loading Systems: Safe in our hands

Richard Owens, DON-BUR: Considering commercial vehicle design for docking operations

Andy Mair, FTA: Load security enforcement changes

Simon Parrington, Hill Dickinson: Common sense - reasonably practicable solutions

Dock Safety Guide