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Railway health and wellbeing – 2 October 2013

Length of recording: 36 mins

Summary: The rail industry is re-evaluating its role in health and wellbeing management and is active in attempting to make improvements to its current capabilities.

This webinar highlights two areas of work that are in their initial stages of development and need industry understanding and backing in order to create effective approaches for improvement:

A Road mapping process is being developed to provide stakeholders with a say and input into the planning of health and wellbeing activities.

A HAVS working group is in development in order to improve understanding of this health issue and to work across organisations in order to create practical solutions to problems related to HAVS.

These two areas of work are central to the on-going industry activities and this webinar seeks to raise awareness and participation from rail based stakeholders as well as those with knowledge to share in this.

The webinar recording is available on the above link and you can also download the speakers presentations.


Darryl Hopper - RSSB

Darryl is the project manager for the workforce health and wellbeing project. Darryl is part of the team leading the development of a health and wellbeing roadmap.

IOSH Railway Group Health and Wellbeing Roadmapping presentation
(PDF 935 KB)

Railway Group Health and wellbeing - Health issues leaflet
(PDF 35 KB)

Martyn Davidson - Network Rail

Martyn is an occupational physician and has worked fulltime in occupational medicine since 1985. He has experience of the NHS, Construction & civil engineering, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Utilities and Offshore sectors.

IOSH Railway Group Health and wellbeing - HAVS presentation