We aim to support occupational safety and health professionals in all areas of public services management.

Our ongoing objectives include:

  • delivering the annual National Safety and Health Conference
  • strengthening our mutual support relationship with the National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services
  • playing an active role in the HSE Local Authorities Forum and the Employers' Organisation Practitioners' Panel
  • providing networking meetings for our members.

There are number of challenges in our industries, and we strive to have a positive impact:

  • The sector is moving towards more flexible working options, with shared office space or “hubs” and remote working. This will need careful consideration around how organisations and managers communicate, set and monitor goals, maintain team identity and resilience and ensure equity. We will review, monitor progress and share good practice.
  • Exposure to verbal and physical abuse should never be accepted as “part of the job” in the public sector. We will seek to encourage improvements and share good practice in management systems.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries and stress are the largest causes of sickness absence. We will support initiatives to improve organisational understanding of interventions that encourage return to work and extend healthy working lives.

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