HSE's 'Beware asbestos' campaign targets tradespeople

15 October 2014

HSE has launched a campaign to encourage tradespeople to think about asbestos on every job so they are prepared to deal with the dangers it presents. A key feature of the campaign is the creation of a new web app for phones, tablets and laptops that helps tradespeople easily identify where they could come into contact with the deadly material as they go about their day-to-day work and gives them tailored help on how to deal with the risks. 
The campaign is supported by TradePoint who are distributing asbestos safety kits to tradespeople through their stores across Great Britain.
Although the campaign is aimed at tradespeople, public sector organisations such as local authorities, schools and government departments can help highlight the dangers to contractors working on their sites.
More information for tradespeople can be found here.

General guidance on working with asbestos is available here.