Technical papers on the Elgin blowout, March 2012

21 May 2014

The following recent technical papers by employees of Total E&P UK are available via the publishers’ websites:

1. Elgin G4 Gas Release – What Happened and the Lessons to Prevent Recurrence, from SPE International Conference, March 2014. Covers the kill operation and strategic aspects - download for 25USD.

2. Failure Investigation of a C110 Connection from a High Pressure High Temperature Well, the detailed metallurgical analysis to understand how and why the 103/4” production casing string failed at a coupling, NACE, 2014 - download for 13USD.

Summaries of both papers are available via the links, you can then decide whether or not to purchase the full documents. 

There was also a presentation on the Elgin blowout at the Piper25 conference, Aberdeen, June 2013 – free to download.