Machinery noise data

HSE research has revealed many deficiencies in supplier data on machinery noise emissions and association risk information.

22 May 2013

An HSE Research Report reveals that many suppliers of noisy machinery failed to supply adequate data, or in some cases any data at all, despite repeated requests. 82% of suppliers from a sample for 20 different machinery types failed to supply the information required by an EU Directive. HSE concluded that, overall, purchasers would be highly unlikely to be able to make informed choices about risks to hearing and what additional controls may be required.

Most of the machinery categories are not directly used in offshore activities, but the research suggests that those responsible for ensuring noise reduction at source should be alerted to this issue, as noisy machinery is a well-known issue for the sector. The report provides lots of detail about relevant technical standards, the data that should be supplied and areas for further investigation, so will be particularly helpful for Engineering Technical Authorities.