Let’s Talk event at Stadium of Light, November 2016

23 November 2016

An Offshore Group day conference at the home of Sunderland Football Club explored the synergies, and the differences, between the offshore oil & gas and renewables sectors, with inputs from a wide range of presenters.

Group Vice-Chair Mark Jenkins said “We selected a ‘neutral’ venue we believed would appeal to attendees from both sectors, and were delighted with the response. From the presentations, it was clear there are many synergies, not least because both sectors need to reduce their operating costs significantly, but without compromising their SHE performance. So learning from each others’ good practices is one element in responding to that challenge.”

More than 60 attendees also benefited from networking opportunities and the responses of an expert panel to their questions raised during the day. But, for those unable to be present, the conference programme and speaker presentations are available on the Presentations page.