Hazardous Area Classification standard updated

21 August 2015

The Energy Institute model code of safe practice Part 15: Hazardous Area Classification, commonly known as EI15, has been revised. Recognised internationally as the authoritative standard for calculating hazardous areas in the petroleum industry, the new 4th edition (June 2015) has been significantly updated from the 3rd edition.

Updates include:

  • Further details on Hazard Radii from liquid pool spills.

  • Hazard Radii for some LNG releases.

  • More detail on the risk based approach methodology and emphasis on the point source approach.

  • Revised equivalent hole sizes for frequency bands (LEVEL I - III) and expanded guidance on ventilation and releases within enclosed areas, based on evidential data from the UK HSE.

  • Amended, or more detailed, definitions of terms such as adequate ventilation, grades of release and limits of applicability.

It’s a priced publication, but well worth having as a key reference for all organisations that operate offshore oil & gas facilities.