Flammable mist fires offshore

25 February 2014

The typical approach for major hazards offshore has been that flammable fluid releases may result in either poor or jet fires, or a partially confined gas explosion. However, a research paper from the Health & Safety Laboratory considers what proportion of reported releases may result in small droplets, which are much more easily ignited than pools, resulting in a ‘flash fire’.

They have also reviewed UK offshore fires reported in 2000-2005 and identified 48 flash fires, 35 of which were non-process oil and diesel. They conclude that awareness of the ignition hazards of pressurised high flash point fluids in the process industry needs to be raised. Also better flash fire models are needed to predict the effects of such events, including potential overpressures.

For further information on Flammable mist fires offshore download the PDF [3.26 MB] here.