Aging Assets and Life Extension

11 December 2014

There were two excellent, linked presentations at our December meeting.

Andy Duncan led HSE’s KP4 programme until recently. His presentation [link] covers:

  • Precursor HSE findings that led to the initiative, which covers all types of asset – but with particular emphasis on preventing hydrocarbon releases;

  • How the programme was structured, the strategy of cooperation with industry that aided early acceptance of the findings;

  • Summary of key findings by asset type, with additional detail available on HSE KP4 webpage;

  • Evidence that most leaks result from human interventions rather than equipment ‘wearout’;

  • RAF Nimrod fatal fire, a root cause was ‘normalisation of deviance’ – can the offshore sector avoid this for older assets?

  • Key requirements for organisations that manage aging assets.

Cameron Stewart is Upstream Technical Manager at Energy Institute (EI) which, with pre-cursor organisations has operated as both a membership body and a Learned Society for 100 years. His presentation [link] covers how EI operates in the latter role to plan, develop and communicate authoritative technical guidance in all its areas of interest. 

Cameron provided examples of current activities linked to Asset Integrity and Life Extension in the offshore sector, with expected publication dates. Also a range of other links for specific information. Note: EI is listed in our ‘Related links’ page as a source of Offshore good/best practices.

Ian Waldram