Here are some Offshore Group presentations


18 January
Mark Jenkins - Risk Management in Offshore Renewables


19 October
Tools for the trade - Offshore annual conference

15 May
Workforce engagement “critical” for offshore health and safety. Presentations by Shane Gorman Workforce Engagement Coordinator and Dave Thomson Safety Representative

10 May
Webinar – Process safety awareness
Recording | Presentation | CSB safety video | HSE Buncefield explosion video | I could have saved a life today (Step in Change video) | References links

23 March
Event with the IOSH Edinburgh branch – the challenges and solutions being identified predominately within the renewables industry when faced with the challenge of managing windfarm construction.
Speaker presentations: A.M. Hansen, M. Jenkins, A. Sykes.


7 December 2016 - Human Factors Engineering - webinar. Presentation, Webinar recording

16 November 2016 - Day conference, ‘Let’s Talk' Programme with presentations

6 July 2016 – Creating resilience Offshore - webinar. Presentation, Webinar recording

June - Bob Egan, HSE Energy Division, 'Workforce Engagement – the HSE perspective'


December – Rog Thomson, HSE Energy Division, ‘Reflections on Delivering the UK Competent Authority and Implementing the 2015 Safety Case Regulations

September – Dean Wiseman, fqm Ltd, ‘How behavioural challenges affect the quality assurance of risk assessments’ and references

June - Mike Jones, CRA Risk, 'Learning from the Risk Control System Failures'

30 April  - IOSH International Travel, Health, Safety and Security event:

Dr Mike Causer, Medical Director, Occupational Health Europe, International SOS ‘Global travel – health risk assessment

Ricus Groenewald, Director of Assistance  -Operations, International SOS ‘Responding to overseas health incidents

David Curran, Director, Edson Tiger - 'Understanding the environment

David Curran, Director, Edson Tiger and Dougie Wright, Chief Instructor, Edson Tiger - 'Threat and risk management


December – Aging Assets and Life Extension – 2 presenters:

HSE’s KP4 Programme – Andy Duncan, Intertek (previously with HSE)

Good Practice Technical Guidance – Cameron Stewart, Energy Institute

September - Tjebbe Roestenburg, AID Industrial, Rope Access and its safety considerations


19 August - Ged Adams, on behalf of Tim Southam, PTP Global, Alarm Management

25 February - Howard Thomson, Engineering safety


26 November - John Walker, 21st Century Marine Industry Occ. Health

21 September - E Anglia Branch, Steve Walker, Ageing plant and life extension

11 September - Bob Miles, Risks and Competence

18 June - Capt. Tim Glasspool, Helicopter Safety

12 March - Steve Walker, Regulators Post Macondo

20 February - Mike Finucane, Maersk, Gryphon Station Loss