New opportunity for peer learning. Find out how to share good practice to avoid catastrophic incidents in safety-critical industries

IOSH Hazardous Industries Group has been developing the technique of process safety peer review following two successful pilots and a company-wide implementation in National Grid. We have produced a two-day training course for process safety peer reviewers to be run at IOSH this June and repeated in November, along with a one-day add-on for facilitators/team leaders. This is a unique opportunity to learn about a new way to improve your management of major accident hazards.

22 April 2013

For further information download the flyer

Comments from previous participants:

“Opportunity to get out of my little world to see how other people are doing things”

“Good way to connect other tools with process safety”;

“I sat with two operators on a plant which is fed from my system and who asked me to explain why their service was sometimes interrupted – we now understand each other’s issues much better and I’ve now been invited to a managers’ meeting to share our understanding more widely”

Their directors were also positive:

“Good career development by stretching one of my people and exposing him to other business areas”

“The best thing is that in one line of business you get tunnel vision, but peer review lets my unit see what others are doing and it opens up new ways of thinking for us”

“Less formal or confrontational than audits which feel very negative, here you see best practices and have the opportunity to decide whether or not they are applicable to your business.”

“Conduit for top management to find out what is happening in the real world, not being watered down by passing through multiple layers of management”.