Safety Culture Initiative

21 October 2015

The culture of an organisation is described as "the way we do things around here". The best way to learn how other organisations achieve a great safety culture is by sharing what this looks and feels like and how they got there…

Launched during the hugely successful National Food and Drink Manufacturing Health and Safety Conference this month, the Safety Culture Initiative aims to share the experiences of businesses who have practical experience of implementing change with those who may have just embarked on the journey.

Inter-company visits are a simple way for companies to network, benchmark and innovate.  Visits can help companies improve safety culture by seeing how others have tackled safety culture change in practice. Visitors can ask host managers and others how change was implemented what the challenges were and how these were overcome. The answers are not from a textbook, but are real. Most importantly, they have worked.

We aim to remove some of the mystique from safety culture by facilitating a series of culture change workshops at host companies in the food and drink industry – companies who have had success with and are willing to share their experience of safety culture change.

The Safety Culture Initiative will link food and drink companies willing to share their experience of developing and implementing safety culture change to others interested in changing their own safety culture.

For those leading organisations – we need your help! Please sign up today. For those looking to make a step change in your safety culture sign up today to learn from the experiences of others.

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For further information on either becoming a host company or participating in a workshop, please contact  Julie Littlejohns