Cheapest cuts - how falling food prices may affect investment in safety across the food manufacturing sector

23 February 2016

Falling food prices are very welcome amongst consumers, however cost cutting in an already cost sensitive industry may impact on health and safety standards across food manufacturing facilities affecting many thousands of workers.

In a recent online article in the British Safety Council's journal Safety Management, the potential impact of falling prices on health and safety standards across the food manufacturing sector were explored.

With contributions from IOSH Food and Drink Group Chair, John Boyle and Doug Russell, Vice-Chair of the Food and Drink Manufacture Health and Safety Forum, the article looks at the industry’s safety priorities and the historical and future impact of the industry guide ‘Recipe for Safety’ on accident and injury rates.

With thought provoking anecdotes from people working in food manufacturing, the article reviews how the industry has improved its safety performance but explores the future health, safety and wellbeing challenges against a backdrop of increasing financial pressures.

The full Safety in food manufacturing article [1.9MB] is also available in PDF format to download.