Previous winners

2017 Winners

ABI Agri. Their ‘Engagement Programme’ covered their own sites and also farm deliveries. The use of SLOs (Safety Learning Opportunities) and Personal Engagement profiling empowered individual workers. It demonstrates the power of effective employee engagement.

"We are extremely proud that AB Agri’s Safety Learning Opportunities (SLO) Programme won the International Food and Drink Health and Safety Awards 2017.

"For our work to be recognised by IOSH was a great achievement and a very positive news story for the business and our people. Not only for our teams who support, promote and implement the SLO programme, but also those who have submitted SLO forms and made suggestions on how things could be done differently to make their workplaces safer.

"Winning the award enabled us to promote the initiative even further with our employees, allowed us to demonstrate the value of the programme and encourage more people to get involved and submit suggestions for reducing risks."

2nd Place
Allied Bakeries, London. This year they got to second place with an innovative project on safety of Mechanical Handling Equipment in their warehouse which led to a two thirds reduction in incidents involving clamp trucks and pedestrians.

Runner up
Green Isle Foods, Portumna, County Galway, Ireland 4 entries including one that led to a significant reduction in exposure to flour dust and 3 which removed serious manual handling risks with rigorous approach to risk assessment and good use of internal resources to solve the problems.

"Being recognised by IOSH as one of the 2017 winners has allowed us to showcase some of our innovative techniques in our approach to developing low cost solutions to day to day occupational health and safety risks. It drives us even more as a team to continue to be proactive in identifying potential health and safety risks, to our colleagues and the work environment and getting practical solutions in place.

"We see worker satisfaction with the work done to date and how it has made their day to day jobs easier. It has also encouraged colleagues to bring their ideas forward so that we can continue to work as a team in maintaining high health and safety standards at our site.

"IOSH recognition for our approach helps us to secure senior management commitment and investment to projects that may be capital in nature."

2016 Winners

Allied Bakeries. Chris Bulgen. Safety Matters Table. An award-winning “stop the clock” initiative that cost £250 has helped to cut accident rates at a London bread factory.

Runner up
G’s Foods’ Barway site. Reece Cherry. Safe by Design - Everytime. An holistic approach to significantly improve traffic management.

Runner up
G’s Fresh Beetroot. Reece Cherry. Safe site, Safe vehicle, Safe driver. A card-based access control system preventing unauthorised access to the loading area.

2015 Winners

Stand Tall - Dispatch End of Line Packaging Solution - Greencore Park Royal. Gary Love. Investment in the thoughtful design and installation of a new conveyor arrangement improved employee engagement, reduced ergonomic strain and improved absence.

2nd Place
1 TwO 4 of Behavioural Safety - Twinings. Team Presentation. A low cost, simple and highly effective technique to engage individuals and teams in behavioural safety conversations. A powerful, visible and personal commitment to safety.

3rd Place
Handles for Backs - Greencore Hull. Heather Moulden and Michael Barden. Identification and implementation of simple low cost handles to reduce stooping and decrease manual handling risks when moving waste tote bins.

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