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Good fire safety management is a vital part of business risk management. However fire safety management is a vast subject and providing pragmatic and proportionate protection for employees and premises is not always evident.

Done well, good fire safety can actually reduce costs in the long run, by introducing cost-effective measures. This means a good fire safety professional is worth their weight in gold, as they will add value without costing the earth.

Mirroring IOSH's strategy, WORK 2022, we aim to support our members to put common sense at the heart of fire risk management.  

Our current aims include:

  • Supporting improvements in fire safety, health and wellbeing for all people at work and at home
  • Offering a range of quality development activities and events, co-ordinating with other Groups and Branches wherever possible
  • Extending and strengthening IOSH’s leadership, influence and profile in health and safety and fire safety in the UK and internationally
  • Maintaining and expanding IOSH’s range of products and services in the UK and internationally

By sharing best practice, we can raise standards and awareness in the sector.

We value your input and opinions, so please contact us to share your suggestions or comments.

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