Fire Risk Management Group

Fire Risk Management Group

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The IOSH Fire Risk Management Group is growing in strength and has a stronger voice than ever in the wider fire community. However, we believe that there is more to do, particularly in improving the benefits that members gain from the Group.

The IOSH FRMG has over 3,800 members, and caters for all health and safety professionals whose job includes, or who have an interest in fire protection, prevention and fire risk management.

What we do

We support our members by:

  • working with other professional institutions to provide CPD opportunities for our members 
  • working with the Fire Sector Federation and industry committees to ensure our members' opinions are heard. 
  • providing networking opportunities 

Read our FRMG leaflet to find out more.

Getting involved

The success of our group depends on your involvement. The more you take part, the greater our achievements can be. 

We value your feedback, so please contact us to share your suggestions or comments.

If you or your organisation can help us by providing a suitable venue, speaker, or by sponsoring an event, we'd be very pleased to hear from you.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for group event and news updates.

To join the group, please email the Membership Team on, quoting your membership number, and they will be able to add or change your group.

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Contact us

For more information, contact the group's relationship manager.

Or if you have a technical query, send us a message.