Letter from the Chair

Andy Robertson

Dear EWMG Member,

I am writing to you with information on:

1. Activities the Group has been involved with during 2014/15 and;
2. Developments in how you can actively engage with the Group.

Summary of EWMG Activities 2014/15

The main activity of the EWMG to date has been supporting Branches by way of providing them with speakers on relevant themes. During 2014/15 the EWMG provided speakers for 12 Branches (7 in England, 3 in Scotland, 1 in Wales and 1 in Ireland). The EWMG Executive Committee held meetings at 3 of these Branches, where they met with event attendees. The EWMG will continue to support Branches and indeed, going forward, other Groups, wherever possible.

A site visit to Johnson Matthey in Billingham was warmly received by 30 members.

Ruth Armstrong of the EWMG Executive Committee sat on the organising committee for NSS for both 2014 and 2015 events and ensured both health and safety topics were of relevance to EWMG members.

A key resource for EWMG members has been the monthly Newsletter, publicised through Connect and accessible on the EWMG’s “News” page on their website. The Newsletter’s format has been improved this year by its producer, EWMG Executive Committee member Douglas Connell, and gives EWMG members updates on Legislation / Guidance and Consultations / Incidents and Prosecutions. The Newsletter is well worth reading to keep up-to-date with topical subjects.

Finally, David Thomas of the EWMG Executive Committee has been developing a free-to-download, modular 4-day training package “Managing Waste Collection Safely”, intended for use predominantly by Local Authorities, with the aim of raising competence within the industry in relation to waste collection; a task that continues to be associated with fatal incidents. Availability of this product is expected fourth quarter 2015, the launch of which will be widely publicised.

EWMG Member Engagement

I am extremely pleased to announce that John Harton, of Leeds City Council, joined the EWMG Executive Committee in mid-2015 as Member Liaison Officer. Over the coming weeks and months, John will be contacting EWMG Members with information as to how you can become actively engaged with the EWMG. John will be presenting various ways in which to get engaged, but there will additionally be opportunity for you to suggest any other ways you would like to get engaged.

Member engagement is key for all IOSH Groups. On behalf of the EWMG Executive Committee, I commit to supporting all reasonable activities that allow you and others to get involved and would encourage you to give consideration to ways in which this could be achieved. Look out for communications from John Harton……

Andy Robertson   CMIOSH

Chair – IOSH Environmental & Waste Management Group