Chairman's update 2015

04 June 2015

A great deal has happened in the last month with CDM 2015 Regulations now in place and a new government in post. The effect of both on health and safety in the construction industry will only become evident over the coming years.

As a Committee we have made significant progress since completing the analysis from our Group Members Survey and a strategy (and supporting PowerPoint presentation) has now been developed based upon the survey responses. Over the following year there will be a strong focus on both CDM 2015 and occupational health whilst developing a future contribution for both leadership and behavioural safety. We will also be mindful of emerging issues and other subjects that may be of interest to the group.

A programme of webinars to support these topics is under development and being scheduled over the next few months. These will provide insights from the positions of both leading practitioners and the enforcement agencies. Where appropriate the webinars will support the current IOSH campaign in respect of Occupational Cancer, taking the broad topics and contextualising them into a construction setting.

Our longer term plans are to deliveconferences around the key topics of our strategy; in this we are open to ideas and requests from branches looking for our contribution.

The Construction Group is steadily working to build the network and connections requested in the survey in order to provide wider influence. We're progressing well, building connections through committee members with HSE's Construction Advisory Committee (CONIAC), UKCG and CITB.  In parallel we are also investigating how we can best support delivery to SME organisations; an area we believe important to further sector improvement.

With HSE having raised the industry's need to address occupational health, IOSH is well positioned with membership of the Construction Health Leadership Group which is working to deliver a sector defining change in health outcomes by 2025.  More details will follow in due course.

We aspire to make the IOSH Construction Group the 'go to place' for health and safety for professionals working in, or involved with the construction industry. We will need your support to make this happen. We continue to follow the principle that there are only two outcomes for what we deliver:  success and feedback; without your feedback we can only assume we are providing the information and support you are looking for.

Paul Haxell