Forming your strategy

Most organisations will already have some sort of approach to employee wellbeing, whether formal or informal through the provision of certain employee benefits.

Fewer however have developed a wellbeing strategy that underpins the purpose and meaning to drive engagement and ensure the programme remains sustainable.

Unless employees and leaders understand the strategy behind employee wellbeing, the longevity and sustainability of subsequent programmes and initiatives is placed at risk when business priorities and available resources shift.

The strategy should reflect the organisation’s wellbeing priorities and where possible reflect the wider goals and values of the organisation. It can also be fundamental to improving the culture of an organisation.

These links will help you to formulate your strategy and identify priorities. Click on the sections to reveal more detailed information.

What's the wellbeing deal?

Review existing data

Determine your employee segmentation

Find out where your employees are located

Carry out an interest survey

Create your strategy

Your first six months