Samantha Dean

Spotlight on a Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group committee member

How did you become part of the Broadcasting & Telecommunications committee?

After recently becoming a Chartered member of IOSH I had wanted to get more involved with IOSH. The timing was perfect when I was informed by another member of the committee that some positions were going to be coming up soon so I kept my eye out for the opportunity to apply.

What benefits do you feel that the B&TG brings for you?

I see this as a good chance for me to be part of a network of safety professionals in my sector who will help me to learn and develop. I am also looking forward to getting involved in events and being able to provide support to other professionals with their career development.

What do you do in your “day job”?

I’m the SHEQS Manager for Principal Telecom Services Limited, a contractor to the major operators throughout the UK.

How would you describe the way you do your role – in 5 words?

Passionately, diligently, with a smile

What do you find the most interesting part of your role?

I love that no day is the same. One day I could be at my desk writing board reports, the next I could be up a mountain in Scotland talking to the guys on site.

What part of your role presents the most challenges?

Introducing change is the biggest challenge I face. I find that there are a lot of people who like to do things the way they always have and are reluctant to adapt to new techniques. I have found that by learning new methods myself so that I can demonstrate and get involved, whilst listening to their concerns, has really helped to get those people on board.

What’s your health and safety “soap box” subject?

Those people you hear when you are out and about who say ‘whoa health and safety’ when they’re about to do something unsafe. Rather than use their common sense to rethink how they are doing it they would rather make a joke about a profession that is there to protect them.

What is your one piece of advice for any safety professional?

Stand your ground. You won’t always find everyone is in full agreement over every idea, but don’t let them shut you down without the opportunity to discuss and explain your point of view.