Letter from the Chair

January 2018

Firstly, welcome to the New Year and let’s hope this year is a little bit better that last. The work we do as professionals is constantly changing, and last year the pace of change was on a whole new level!

The commitments we made and the skills we needed constantly changed. We had to re-prioritise daily (even hourly some have said or is that just me!) to adapt to the new demands placed on us. Looking forward, therefore, for me it is all about the people and networks that are out there to support you and share knowledge and information on how to adapt to this new pace of change.

I must say a huge thanks to the previous Chair of the committee, Sally Ford. Sally works at Arqiva and has been chair of the Broadcasting & Telecommunications Committee for many years.

If you have ever had the chance to visit one of Arqiva’s structures, you would have been amazed at the sheer scale and size of what they do. Experts in their field, Sally has personally driven significant changes in what it takes to make sure people working at height are safe. Also, anyone working near EMF know what the risks are and how to make sure they are safe.

Special thanks also to Julia Clarke for personally driving the EMF safety agenda and supporting the committee in this, sometimes complex, risk. I have enjoyed knowing and working with Sally and would like to personally thank her for the drive and determination of chairing the committee, and whilst she is stepping down, do hope she remains in the industry to continue the valuable work she has led.

Do you work in the Broadcasting and Telecomms industries and are willing to share your professional know-how to help our members make a positive difference? The year ahead will be challenging for us as our industries ramp up creating broadcast content and increase the volume of data transmitted.

Fancy being part of a group of volunteers who care about keeping people safe in Broadcasting and Telecomms and really making a difference? We’ve got a few vacancies on the committee and I’d personally value the voluntary work you could give supporting the work we do. Please drop a note to Julie.littlejohns@iosh.com if is this your thing. We’d value your time and views.

In March we look to set our new 3-year strategy focusing on what our members need, whether this should be more information, guidance, networking events, skills or webinars. The way we work now requires us to think about how we can support our members in different ways.

If we take a brief look back at what was important to our members over the past 3 years this included EMF, working at height, construction, supply chain control, lone working, buried and overhead services and competencies. With the new IOSH Strategy of Work 2022 “Shaping the future of safety and health” we have a unique opportunity to tap in to some key directions to support our members in what they need as a professional to support the world of work.

For those of you who managed to attend the IOSH Conference in Birmingham in November, what was of interest was the launch of the new training course, “Safety and Health for Business”. A new NVQ Level 3 qualification for a new generation of health and safety professional.

Supporting the world of work requires us, as professionals, to adapt to change in a way that sees our support as being more strategic and proactive and one that sees our profession delivering more productivity benefits and improved profitability as a result. Our profession now has the opportunity to take the next step in how we can positively influence the culture of organisations.

As a Group we represent a growing area of professionals supporting the digital future. Fancy hearing about more about who we are and what we do.

Here’s to looking forward to the first signs of Spring, although by time you read this you will have spotted the early snowdrops and crocuses and will have exchanged with your colleagues how global warming is confusing our wildlife!

Arlette Anderson
Chair, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group